PASA expresses concerns about ground water pollution

While Gas Drilling is under intense environmental pressure in the USA, Petroleum Agency SA is currently in Washington as part  of a U.S. State Department sponsored the visit and a two-day Global Shale Gas Initiative Conference in Washington, D.C.  Jennifer Marot, manager of frontier geology for Petroleum Agency SA, the agency that regulates oil and gas exploration in South Africa, said she and agency CEO Mthozami Xiphu want to see the impacts first hand.  She reportedly told delegates that,  “We’re just beginning  gas exploration in our country,” Marot said. “We want to make sure we learn as much as we can.””(South Africa) is concerned about the issue,” she said. “We’re a semi-arid country, so water is a precious commodity.”

Hopefully, these concerns will force a PASA rethink on gas drilling in areas  like the Southern Cape where ground water is absolutely critical.

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