The Vermaaklikheid school needs help

Mandy at the school is looking for a number of items. These include: Powder paint, a Computer and printer, Printing paper, HP LaserJet 1020 cartridge, 2 carpets (one for grade ones and one for pre-school class), Educational toys and puzzles’ Stationary especially blue, red, green pens, erasers, pencils, rulers, sharpeners and safety scissors, Ring binders, files, plastic sleeves, School socks and Peanut butter and jam. If you could donate any of these, please contact Mandy on Thanks.

Water or Gas – which is the priority?

Why would a country with a real water issue allow dangerous gas drilling to put its ground water resources at risk?

As Nedbank’s Sustainability Report outlines, ” Water resource management is one of the greatest challenges for South Africa in the 21st century. As a semi-arid country with low rainfall and limited underground aquifers, the country’s total renewable water resource is only 1 048 m3 per capita or about 13% of the global average of 8 210 m3 per capita. South Africa also uses about 25% of its renewable freshwater resources, whereas use exceeding 10% is typically seen as causing water stress. According to several studies, South Africa could face a supply gap in water of between 17% and 25% by 2030. This is assuming water for irrigation does not increase. Supply is forecasted to be only 15 billion m3 in 2030.” This increases the importance of looking after the ground water resources and it makes Gas drilling and hydro-fracking a real issue which needs to be properly debated!