Objections to Advaols’s expert opion prompts a PR response

After objections to the rigour and validity of Advasol’s expert opinion, Advasol’s PR company released a statement. Here are key extracts:

“A news release was issued on 21 September 2010 relating to flora and fauna expert Jan Vlok’s report on the proposed non-invasive phase of gas exploration on the south Cape coast by Advasol (Pty) Ltd. The following quote from Jan Vlok confirms the methodology and the research available to him when he compiled the report. This statement is issued because some residents in the south Cape coastal area have questioned the authenticity of Mr Vlok’s report.

“The report I provided was not an uninformed report prepared in a hasty manner by some ill-informed environmental advisor. I happened to have had the best possible information regarding the affected area on my own desktop (and beyond that in my head) – with the data and fieldwork done by myself a few years ago. This work is now the foundation of a formal fine-scale conservation plan for the region that is supported by government institutions.

“Regarding the early non-invasive phase of the Advasol project, I cannot think of any better advice that I have supplied to date. I could have abused the situation and have asked to do several weeks of fieldwork to provide more detailed information, which I would have enjoyed, but that is not the way I work. Over 14 years, I have built up a reputation of providing the immediately required information to my clients at the best possible cost without compromising the impacts on the affected environment.”

Issued by Wired Communications on behalf of Advasol. For more information, please contact Wired Communications on 021 464 1144.

The report is available here BotanicalSensitivity report[1] I am not an expert on good science. Let me know if you think this is a good objective report or not?

Blombos Farmers unite to tackle the Advasol Gas issue

We recieved this report from the first meeting:

Die eerste inligtingsessie teen gas-eksplorasie is gehou op 13 Oktober en is
bygewoon deur ongeveer 30 boere en landelike grondeienaars van die Blombos
en Jongensfontein omgewing. Die doel van hierdie inligtingsessie was om die
volgende inligting te verskaf:

1. Wat die regte proses is wat gevolg moet word tydens ‘n aansoek om ‘n
eksplorasiereg en wat die pligte van die verskillende rolspelers is.
2. Die doel van publieke konsultasie wat volgens omgewings- asook
mynbou-wetgewing vereis word.
3. Moontlike nadelige impakte wat gas-eksplorasie alreeds tydens die
eksplorasie-fase mag inhou.
4. Probleme met die Advasol omgewingsbestuursprogram ter ondersteuning van
hul aansoek in die Stilbaai studiegebied.

Dit was duidelik tydens hierdie byeenkoms dat die grondeienaars en boere in
die donker gehou is of slegs selektiewe, misleidende en gesaniteerde
inligting gekry het van die aansoeker en hulle konsultante. Daar was byna
geen boere wat kommentaar gelewer het op hierdie aansoek wat hul lewens
ingrypend kan verander nie.

Tydens die inligtingsessie is ‘n loodskomitee gekies wat weer gaan vergader
om die stigting van ‘n Inwonersvereeniging vir die area te fasiliteer.
Hierdie Inwonersvereniging sal dan gekoordineerde teenstand bied teen
Advasol se aansoek vir gas-eksplorasie.

Piketberg Art Weekend 29 to 31 October 2010

This looks like an initiative worth supporting:

Artists in Piketberg are joining hands to create awareness of the beautiful and ecologically sensitive Verlorenvlei wetland, a RAMSAR-listed site that runs all the way from the Piketberg mountain range to Elands Bay on the West Coast. This important freshwater source, rich in bird, animal, and plant life (including many rare and threatened species), is in danger of contamination by proposed mining operations upstream in the Moutonshoek Valley.

For more info contact Anthea Delmotte at 0732817273 or anthea@lantic.net or download this info sheet
Piketberg Art Weekend 29 to 31 October 2010