Expert recommends Advasol’s Gas Drilling scheme should not distrurb the sensitive Coastline

An expert report commissioned from Jan Vlok of Regalis Environmental Services draws the following key conclusion:

“There can be no doubt that many parts of the affected area are of considerable significance to conservation, on a national and a regional level. Several rare and threatened plant species occur in the vegetation types of the affected area and one of the vegetation types present is per se regarded as threatened on a national scale.

The most sensitive section of the affected area is located along the coastline, as it was recognized as a threatened vegetation type on a national level and as a Critical Biodiversity Area on a regional level. The sensitivity of this area lies in the fact that it is vital to maintain biodiversity pattern and ecological processes and hence to enable the environment to continue its natural function. The extant natural vegetation of these sensitive areas should not be disturbed by the proposed project.”

Have a read of the full report.
Botanical Sensitivity Report

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