Fund Raising for the Vermaaklikheid Missionary School

I received the following appeal from Paul and Bosky Andrews:

“Mandy Zeelie, the inspiration, founder and headmistress of the Vermaaklikheid School, has asked us to help raise funds for the school, which is under financial threat .

Our local dedicated team of loving teachers has been working for R1000 a month and under.
They cannot survive on this but will continue their dedicated work for R2000 a month. We need R10,000 a month for their salaries.

As holidaymakers and visitors, who derive so much joy and restoration from this special little place, we thought it would be really outstanding if we were able to support the school, by providing the teachers salaries, and hence contribute to the long term welfare of the village.

This appeal is to the holiday makers to try to meet the teachers salaries by way of monthly debit orders or (bi)annual donations”


If you’d like more info on the school, it can be found here: Vermaak School Info. Pamphlet