The Fire Issue: Here are some useful suggestions from Bernard Oberholzer

If one owns land, one needs to take responsibility for the land. Wild fires are by definition difficult to predict and manage. There are a few simple measures we can all take:
1) Belong to the Duiwenhoks Conservancy so that we can more effectively work together and help each other.
2) Join the S. Cape Fire Protection Agency – the annual fee is very small.
3) Remove alien bush and keep the grass short around your houses.
4) Plant fire-resistant species around your house, such as milkwoods, aloes and sour fig.
5) Use local labour to cut rooikrans and create fire-breaks.
People like Boelie in the village are looking for work, and wants to cut rooikrans for firewood to raise money, and desperately wants to purchase a chainsaw.

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