Duiwenhoks River Reguiations – Planning meeting

Earlier this year there was a meeting at the Hessequa Municipality to begin the process of drafting bylaws to govern the Hessequa rivers. According to feedback from Shagon Carelse, the Environmental Manager at Hessequa, the most important outcome was that it was decided that because each of the four major Hessequa rivers have their own unique characteristics, the Municipality will have a one day session at each river with the separate stakeholders. The first session will start next week (March 5th) with the Breede and move on to Gourits, Goukou and Duiwenhoks in that order.

Please tell us via a comment what you feel are the most important ” Duiwenhoks River Regulations” that we should lobby to have included in the new bylaws.

We will post the date for the stakeholder session as soon as it is set.

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