Blombos Conservancy News – March 2012

Received from Floris Steytler:

I just want to give feedback regarding a few items mentioned in the November 2011 newsletter.

I would like to welcome Ian Muller as new member in the Blombos Conservancy. He joined the Conservancy as owner of the Blombos Estates Pty.

The Conservancy’s four-wheel motorbike was eventually sold for R12000 with the help of CCC Motorcycles at Riversdale.

Attached please find the Southern Cape fire protection association information. The application form is also included. The contact person is Charl Wade.

If you want to contact him:

The Duiwenhoks Conservancy will hold its annual general meeting on Saturday 7th of April at 10:00 in Vermaaklikheid. Mike Munnik, the Chairman invited the members of the Blombos Conservancy to attend the meeting if they wish to. On the agenda is Charl Wade of the Fire Management Association, Guy Preston of Water Wise and Rhet Hismann of Cape Nature. I will send out the complete the agenda when I received it from Mike Munnik.

Thanks to Rosemary Du Plessis with the processing of the annual membership fees. Thanks to all the members who have paid. If there are still outstanding membership fees it will be appreciated if it can be paid a soon as possible.

If there is any questions or suggestions you can contact me anytime.

Floris Steytler

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