Update on the Kleinboer Initiative….

Received from Conrad:

I have had a very enlightening and encouraging conversation with Patrick Sambo from SCLC. re:

1) Contracts /leases

The majority of the other projects at Riversdale, Melkhoutfontein, and Heidelberg are done on an individual basis with the parties tailor making an agreement. The Department of Agriculture prefers a 5 year agreement , but concerns about selling land, costs , profit, ownership of fencing, water rights etc must be included to make it work for both.

2) Water

We at Vermaak have a situation that needs to be adressed. No farming endeavor would be sensible if water was not guaranteed. We can get the dept. of water affairs to be involved, Mr Sambo mentioned he was talking to them and we need to get involved in this process.

3) Type of crops

Firstly the aims are to produce food security , i.e. selling of excess to the local community then nearest town and so on. There is obviously a benefit to accessing high end buyers in cape town but help would be needed to find the right produce.

4) Other projects

There are a number of successful projects in the area we can visit to learn from

5) Type of assistance

Not financial , mostly seed, access to machinery , fencing, help with selling produce.

Patrick will get us a digital copy of a draft lease to use as a basis perhaps we should all use the same lease just to avoid general confusion.
We will be informed of the next meeting, and hopefully we can attend , but we must set something up when we will all be there.
There would obviously need to be established if the land is to be used for grazing or planting.

Check out the SCLC website on www.sclc.co.za

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