Eden Coastal Management Program Workshops

Message received from Aidan Wood:

Please note that the preliminary dates for the second series of workshops
for the Eden Coastal Management Program, that were given at the 1st
workshops, no longer apply.

We are awaiting confirmation of additional funds from the various
Municipalities so that we can expand our public participation process. As
such we have decided to postpone the second workshops to the end of July and
beginning of August.

Once we have confirmation we will let you know of the new schedule.

The Draft is almost complete – just waiting for last few maps so I can
finalize. I anticipate that the Draft will be sent out towards the end of
next week. If it is too large to e-mail, it will be posted on the EFA and
Eden websites and you will be provided with the link to download it from
there. The hard copies will follow shortly after that.

Apologies for the delay or any inconvenience caused.

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