Feedback from River Meeting

The meeting was not well attended. Nevertheless, here are the key points from the feedback we received from our representative:

1) A new set of updated set of River Regulations have been developed (and we will publish these as soon as we receive them). Apparently, a number of the points mentioned in our list of suggestions are already included.

2) There will be four separate management plans, in addition to the River Regs, one for each of the four rivers in the Hessequa, namely Gouritz, Goukou, Duiwenhoks and Breede. Each river management plan will be developed after a full study has been completed.The Gouritz and Breede are completed, the Goukou is being done currently, and the Duiwenhoks still has to be done. The latest Eden Mun. budget includes an amount for that, the budget has yet to be approved. A consultant has been appointed (by Eden) for the four rivers.

3) After the management plan is done, a River Forum will be set up to manage the river. The forum will consist of The Eden Mun, Hessequa Mun, Water Affairs, Cape Nature, Deadp, Local Inhabitants,Dept Agric,Marine and Coastal Man. Conservancy, etc. Obviously the Depts will have the same reps on all four management Forums.

4) More meetings will be held,in Vermaaklikheid, and possibly in CT to accommodate the many land owners that reside there.

5) The municipality is going ahead will the registration of the one public slipway. However land has to be acquired etc etc

Thanks to John for attending and giving us feedback.

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