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Note from Les Underhill at UCT:

I have attached the Animal Demography Unit’s newsletter for February-March 2013.

We believe that the six words that characterise the ADU represent an optimal path towards achieving biodiversity conservation. Citizen Science. Our expanding citizen science programmes enable data collection to occur on scales unimaginable by teams of professional scientists. Digital Biodiversity. The ADU has grasped the nettle of accepting, vetting, curating, assimilating and serving vast volumes of data. The cumulative database exceeds 16 million records of biodiviersity. Statistical Ecology. We lead Africa in the emerging discipline of statistical ecology, the new discipline at the interface of biology and statistics which enables conservation decisions to be based on solid quantitative evidence.

This newsletter contains information about a few of our projects and initiatives. Through the year, we plan to give each member of the ADU an opportunity to talk about their passion.

This newsletter builds on our annual report for 2012, available at

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