The Environmental Danger in Buffelsbaai

Latest News received Sat am.

The Kiani Satu lifted off the Goukamma Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area today at 11.30am and is currently heading out to sea. The Buffalo Bay/Goukamma Joint Operations Centre (JOC) awaits word from SAMSA regarding its position.

Cleaning up operations are expected to start tomorrow, depending on weather conditions.

Buffalo Bay/Goukamma Joint Operations Centre (JOC) Incident Coordinator Richard Meyer said he was relieved to see the boat leave after nine days of hard work and concerns regarding the possible impacts. “We will inform all relevant parties after we have confirmed certain key information,” he said.

Help required at the Goukamma Nature Reserve

Dear Members of the Conservancy Forum, Bird Club members & Parties:

By now you are well aware of the ship wreck within the Marine Protected Area of Goukamma Nature Reserve and the serious ecological implications that this has on our marine environment.

On behalf of CapeNature (a Stakeholder of this greater joint operation), I have been tasked to request and coordinate any volunteer assistance from our coastal conservancies & Bird Club members through the relevant Chairpersons in the following ways:

Each coastal conservancy/Bird Club to determine willingness from their members to conduct morning/afternoon beach sweeps (beach patrols) of the coastal sections adjacent to the relevant conservancy/area with the aim of searching for oiled / injured marine life. Please keep a look out for these birds hiding up in the vegetation of the fore dunes and in and amongst the many rock crevices as some of them will hide for cover.

If any oiled birds are located within your section of the coastline, then we kindly request that they carefully collect the oiled specimen as per the leaflet (attached ) and to immediately notify Mr Vernon Hall-Gibbs of Eden District Municipality who will coordinate the collection/drop-off points. This is to ensure that the oiled bird is taken to the nearest rehabilitation centre as soon as possible to receive the appropriate treatment.

If you could please confirm your assistance by completing the table below stipulating which areas of coastline your members will be able to regularly patrol so that we can communicate this to the Head of this operation.

Conservancy Name
Chair Person
Telephone no.
Patrol start point
Patrol end point

It should also be communicated to your members that this shipwreck does not just affect the immediate Goukamma Marine Protected Area but will have a series of negative ecological implications throughout the length of our coastline for many weeks to come.

We would like to thank you for your willingness to assist with this clean-up operation both now and in the long term. Should you require further clarity in this regard please feel free to contact me on 082 772 8073 or Mr Vernon Gibbs at.

Kind regards