Calling all landowners…

Dear All

First of all a reminder to those of you who haven’t paid your subs, please do so. It’s really important for the functioning of the Conservancy that we collect subscriptions from members. The pro-form invoice is attached with bank details. 

Working for Water Update
The Dept. of Environmental Affairs has released the latest tender for the Natural Resources Management Program (Working for Water). The deadline for submission is the end of October. 

For the conservancy to put together a winning bid, we need to have agreements with landowners who are willing for the program to clear aliens on their land. I am in the process of having a contract drawn up which will need to be signed by landowners indicating their intent to participate. Operation details will be addressed with individual landowners once we are successful. 

If you are landowner in the area, please contact me. We need a significant number of landowners to show intent to be successful.  

The other requirement is that the bid is submitted by a legally constituted entity that has a valid tax clearance certificate. In this regards the Duivenhoks Conservancy does not qualify. For this reason, we will in all likelihood submit our bid under the umbrella of SouthSouthNorth who are a respected Cape Town based climate change NGO with a number of successful projects in their portfolio. 

I look forward to hearing from you. It is best to contact me by email –


John Thorne
083 3085954