Duiwenhoks Estuarine Management Plan

This is an important moment for our precious river! Your feedback is needed by 15 September 2019.

The Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) is completing a programme of updating existing estuary management plans (EMPs), compiling 17 new estuary management plans, compiling 12 estuary mouth management plans and setting in place an overall estuary management framework for the province – collectively termed the Western Cape Estuarine Management Framework and Implementation Strategy (EMFIS).

The final drafts of both the situation assessment reports (SARs) and estuarine management plans (EMPs) for the new selected estuaries as part of EMFIS are now available for comment.

Plans were prepared for the following 17 estuaries:

  • West Coast District: Sout, Jakkalsvlei and Wadrift;            
  • Overberg District: Rooiels, Buffels Oos, Palmiet, Ratel and Klipdrifsfontein; and   
  • Garden Route District: Duiwenhoks, Blinde, Maalgate, Gwaing, Kaaimans, Piesang, Matjies, Sout (Oos), Groot (Wes).

Please use this link to the Duiwenhoks EMP August 2019 to review. 

We are currently in the period provided for public (written) comment.

In brief, the EMP proposes the following items as critical and to be addressed immediately and/or receive greatest effort in respect to human/financial resources:
• Marine resources are used within legal limits;
• All efforts are made to eradicate invasive alien plants;
• The no-take zone is enforced and enabled through the Marine Living Resources Act;
• Recreational use of the system is regulated effectively;
• Public access is provided and suitably managed;
• An additional public launch site is listed and operated in terms of an approved operational plan; and
• The DEA&DP to consider the appointment of a Regional estuarine management co-ordinator/champion within either DEA&DP or CapeNature, to support the RMA.

Feedback must reach Tandi Breetzke by the 15th of September 2019. Please respond directly to Tandi at tandi@coastwise.co.za.