Shoes for school

Anneline Kistoor has launched a “SHOES FOR SCHOOL” initiative. Anneline is the librarian at both Brakfontein Primary as well as Vermaaklikheid.  Anneline noticed that many children come to school without proper school shoes.  She wants to buy each of the children at the Brakfontein Primary school a pair of leather school shoes.

There are 55 learners from Vermaaklikheid and the neighbouring farms currently attending the school.   

Anneline wants to raise enough to cover a pair of Student Prince leather shoes for each of the grade 1 to grade 6 learners. These shoes range in price from R170 to R220 a pair for larger sizes, but of course, any amount is welcome.

If this campaign is successful enough, Anneline would love to include another 9 Vermaaklikheid learners who attend school in Riversdale.  

Please contact Anneline on 060 721 4969 for more details. Alternatively, please deposit your contribution into her bank account, using these details:  FNB Cheque Account number 62167952764. Use SHOES and your name as a reference.

This is a great initiative for our local kids to have proper footwear.


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