Successful registration as a conservation body

 A winter’s afternoon overlooking Vermaaklikheid. photo credit: Willem Coetsee

Heritage Western Cape (HWC) received our application to register as a conservation body in April 2023, in terms of Section 25(1)(b) of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999. HWC recently informed us that our application was approved at their Inventories, Grading and Interpretation Committee (IGIC) meeting.

What does this change?

This creates an obligation for Hessequa Municipality to consult and engage with us and seek input as both an interested and affected party and Conservation Body for any development in Vermaaklikheid area.

Any applications for change in land use, consent use, building work, road or infrastructure works needs to be provided to us to comment on.  We would then provide input to owners wishing to do work in our area of high conservation value.

We have a historical building guideline document, drafted by Paul Andrew and Professor Julian Cooke. This was used previously for all building development work applications. If you have any questions, please drop a note on


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