Community Projects

The conservancy is supporting a number of conservation projects in the village of Vermaaklikheid. The goal is to create jobs and income for local residents, conserve the natural environment and to support a functioning community.

The projects are funded by donors and Conservancy subscriptions. In partnership with SouthSouthNorth, the Conservancy has raised funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) to support a programme of job creation in the village through the formation of sustainable micro-enterprises. 

Our current community projects include:

 Click here to see the gallery of pictures from the village and projects.

Bread Project – April – August 2020

In April 2020 we sent out an appeal for donations to provide food aid to at risk families in the village of Vermaaklikheid impacted by lockdown and the resulting loss of income. Our members responded with incredible generosity and we raised R 63,600 which was used to provide free bread to 59 households made up of 164 individuals (105 adults and 59 children below 11 years of age) three times a week for for 17 weeks between the end of April and the end of August. Follow this link to read a report on this successful project: Lockdown Bread Project Feedback.