Duiwenhoks Conservancy AGM news

Thanks to all who attended our virtual AGM earlier this week.

Aileen Anderson, who manages the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy, shared some of the lessons learnt in protecting rivers and landscapes.  Bertus Hayward and Hendrik Visser of the Hessequa Municipality gave us an overview of the process of developing a development plan for Vermaaklikheid (more below).

John Thorne resigned as chair, a position he has held since 2013. Josie Borain is our new chair, with Anthony Black remaining as vice chair. Sarah Ward and Mandy Zeelie resigned, and Justin Cooke was welcomed as a new member. John, Rooken Podesta & Margaux Newdigate remain members.


Vermaaklikheid Spatial Development Framework

“An SDF indicates which type of development should be allowed in a Municipality, where it should take place, and how such development should be undertaken to ensure the best outcomes for people, natural resources, and economy.”

 Bertus Hayward, Hessequa Municipality Manager:  Spatial and Economic Development and Hendrik Visser, Hessequa Municipal Manager outlined the process of setting up a Spatial Development Framework.  Sarah Ward initiated this process and Justin Cooke will represent the Duiwenhoks Conservancy going forward. The aim is to establish development guidelines for Vermaaklikheid.

Public participation is an important part of this process – so you’ll be hearing more on this.



In addition, Hessequa has sent all interested parties a notice that they intend to consider the Draft Municipal Smart EconomicDevelopment Strategy [SMART strategy]. The draft SMART strategy presents four characteristics of local government i.e., maximising social and economic growth, integrating and coordination, democratising development and leading and learning. 

The draft SMART Strategy is available on request and on the Hessequa Municipal Website and at all the Municipal Libraries’ computers.  A work session is planned for 11 May 2022 at 14h00 via Teams and comments can be submitted on/before 23 May 2022.  Interested parties should contact Bertus Hayward bertus@hessequa.gov.za

Finally, some rain! So here’s a lovely splash of local April colour – Brunsvigia orientalis.