Stillbaai civil society mobilises to monitor Advasol

The Hessequa Coastal Alliance (HCA) has been established after a summit held in Stilbaai on 4 August 2010. Representatives of a number of organisations were brought together by this Alliance. The aim of the HCA will be to facilitate the coordinated response to development proposals such as the Advasol application, as well as the monitoring of ensuing operations if developers obtain approval. The HCA will therefore aim to watch over all phases of developments in the coastal region of Hessequa in order to ensure compliance with their environmental management plans. Organizations include the Still Bay Conservation Trust, the Inwoners Vereeniging Stilbaai Oos, the Hessequa Society for Archaeology, the Stilbaai Belange Forum, Jongensfontein Inwoners Vereeniging, Gouritz Forum, Gouritz Bewarings Trust, Stilbaai Sakekamer, Hessequa Waaksaamheid Vereeniging and the Goukou River Property Owners Association.

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