Boating Regulations for the Duiwenhoks River

The Boating Bylaws for the Duiwenhoks River have been passed.
Abie Pretorius is now a qualified law enforcement officer and has a fines book and he will enforce and fine accordingly.
Boat registration for the Duiwenhoks is not required yet as the slipways are not registered.

 The Duiwenhoks Estuary and its surrounds are one of the last remaining pristine estuaries in the country and the Duiwenhoks Conservancy has been established to preserve its unique character.

Biologists have long maintained that the most important role of the estuarine environment for fish is the provision of nursery grounds for juveniles. Estuaries provide a typically calm, sheltered environment where the higher temperatures and rich food supply allow rapid growth and protection for marine fish fry. Adult fish enter these estuaries to feed on these small fish and we in turn spend hours on the river attempting to entice these fish to our bait and lures.

Some of the fish that you can expect to encounter on the river are kob, leervis, spotted grunter and white steenbras.

Below are a few guidelines to show how you can help to maintain the uniqueness of the area.  We ask you to please bear these in mind during your stay.


When fishing:

  • Please make sure you have a license to fish or collect bait in the river *
  • Spearfishing in the tidal areas is not permitted
  • Please stick to the size and bag limits for fish and bait set out on the tables overleaf
  • Cast nets/throw nets for fishing may not be used from sunset to sunrise.



  • ·The Duiwenhoks is not a skiing river.

  • Boats need to watch out for Swimmers  and Canoes.

  • Slow Down when passing a Jetty!!

  • Please drive responsibly at all times with due consideration for houses, jettys, small craft and other users of the river.

    • Remember that when approaching an oncoming boat you must pass with the oncoming boat on your port (left) side, i.e. when traveling on the river keep right.
    • When overtaking another boat on the river please do so on their port side.
    • Please ensure, especially when passing a smaller or stationary boat on the river that your wake does not cause a danger to the other boat.
    • Remember – to avoid a collision a motor boat must give right of way to all other craft and a rowing boat or canoe gives way to a sailing boat.
    • When approaching jettys please be aware of swimmers and slow down if necessary.
    • Please be aware of swimmers at all times on the river.
    • Please keep at least 5 meters from the river bank when in motion in order to preserve the banks (there may also be children in the reeds!!)
    • When approaching the river bank please do so slowly.
    • No objects or people may be towed on the Duiwenhoks River (eg. no skiing or tubing).
    • When out at sea please remember you may not approach closer than 300 m to a whale.