It’s holiday season – make sure you know the Duiwenhok River Rules

“The Duiwenhoks Estuary is one of SA’s most pristine rivers. It is permanently open to the sea, with a constricted tidal inlet and is embedded within a deep valley. The estuary is slightly smaller than the Goukou Estuary, with 72 ha of open water and a tidal reach of 14 km. The tidal basin is dominated by an intertidal sandbank. The estuary is ranked 33rd in terms of its conservation importance. Development next to the estuary is limited, with some farming and holiday accommodation. Threats to the health of this estuary include reduced freshwater flow in the dry season and increased recreational activities, which disturb habitats and cause bank erosion.” Cape Nature

When using the river, please keep be aware of the following boating rules and etiquette:
1.Please be aware that the Duiwenhoks is a small river and boats need to be extra cautious.
2.Remember that when approaching an oncoming boat you must pass with the oncoming boat on your port (left) side, i.e. when travelling on the river keep right.
3.Please ensure, especially when passing a smaller or stationary boat on the river that your wake does not cause a danger to the other boat.
4.Remember – to avoid a collision a motor boat must give right of way to all other craft and a rowing boat or canoe gives way to a sailing boat.
5.When approaching jetties please be aware of swimmers and slow down if necessary. Many people practice long distance swimming in the river and they are difficult to spot from a fast moving boat.
6.Please keep at least 5 meters from the river bank when in motion in order to preserve the banks (there may also be children in the reeds!!)
7.When approaching the river bank please do so slowly.
8.No objects or people may be towed on the Duiwenhoks River (eg. no skiing or tubing).
9.Please slow down when passing all jetties.
10.Please observe the no-wake zone near the village.

Fishing Rules
1.Please make sure you have a license to fish or collect bait in the river
2.Spear fishing in the tidal areas is not permitted
3.Please stick to the size and bag limits for fish and bait
4.Catch and release is preferred in the Duiwenhoks!
5.Cast nets/throw nets for fishing may not be used from sunset to sunrise.
6.IF you go to sea, remember you’re not allowed to go within 300m of a whale.

Please be aware that the river is regularly patrolled by a River Compliance Officer appointed by the Hessequa Municipality. He is fully empowered to enforce the relevant fishing and boating regulations. Have your licenses on your boat at all times.