River Patrol

Thanks to Shagon Carelse at Hessequa Municipality for ensuring that Abie is on the river patrolling the Duiwenhoks over the Easter period.

As reminder over the busy period, here are the boating rules and etiquette on the Duiwenhoks:

Remember that when approaching an oncoming boat you must pass with the oncoming boat on your port (left) side, i.e. when traveling on the river keep right.

Please ensure, especially when passing a smaller or stationary boat on the river that your wake does not cause a danger to the other boat.

Remember – to avoid a collision a motor boat must give right of way to all other craft and a rowing boat or canoe gives way to a sailing boat.

When approaching jettys please be aware of swimmers and slow down if necessary. Many people practice long distance swimming in the river and they are difficult to spot from a fast moving boat.

Please keep at least 5 meters from the river bank when in motion in order to preserve the banks (there may also be children in the reeds!!)

When approaching the river bank please do so slowly.

No objects or people may be towed on the Duiwenhoks River (eg. no skiing or tubing).

Please slow down at all jettys.

Please observe the no-wake zone near the village.

Please remember to buy a fishing license before arriving at Vermaaklikheid as the postal agency is closed.

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