Getting your Duiwenhoks Jetty registered

Rhett Hiseman from Cape Nature sent me this….”Ok the way to go about registering for a jetty . Firstly if it is an old jetty you need to prove that it was built pre 1997 (the new NEMA legislation came in then ) You will need to make a sworn statement stating that it was built in whatever year. Photo`s of the original structure etc. We will need a scale drawing of the structure with all measurements in metric. We will also need a diagram of the property showing where the jetty is sited ,in the diagram we need to see clearly where the reedbed line is and how far beyond the reedbed the jetty structure protrudes. A GPS point for the jetty also important. Once we have this we can send it to DEA/DP for there approval / rejection. Once DEA/DP are happy we send you application forms for a lease of state land . This has to go through a advertisement phase before being signed off.
Secondly for a new jetty you will not have to go through a basic assessment process if the structure is less than 10m2 (total ; everything below high water mark) Same process as above sent to CapeNature. For inspection ! NB The construction of a jetty is not allowed until the lease is in place. For a jetty larger than 10m2 you will need to contact DEA/DP and notify them of what you want to do . You will be required to complete a basic assessment process. Once you have a record of decision (ROD) the lease can be applied for . Then construction can begin.
Although it seems a cumbersome process it has been streamlined by DEA/DP.
Cape Natures role in this process is ; a commenting authority in terms of the application and the state approved authority for leasing state land.”

I have attached the jetty policy documents. Jetty Sizes vs Listed Activity 16[1]

Revised Jetty policy _with comments from ZT 24.01.07

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