One thought on “Here’s another perspective on how the Duiwenhoks river should be regulated

  • March 19, 2013 at 10:38 am

    While it is not difficult to agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Oberholzer’s intentions, I do disagree with some of his methods. I do not live in the area, in fact I am some 4000km away, but I have a keen interest in the subject of control. Size of engine is not the milestone to use as a measure as it is not this that determines the speed of the craft – it is the driver. It is the same argument as blaming guns for killing people. What I admire most about people who live in Africa is that they are more than glad to trade despotic rule for being a responsible person. The waterways of Britain are a good example. While the rest of the country is run like Big Brother the waterways are remarkably free from the chains and much more is expected of the boater in the way of self regulation. Funnily enough, it works, of course you get the few that spoil it, but the majority stick to the speed limit and even more comply with the simple, “if there is a breaking wake on the bank, slow down, irrespective of what speed you are doing.”

    If you are going to set rules, err on the side that gives credence to people’s self respect. Do not assume that everyone needs to be controlled. Once you get to that point it is a slippery slope to dis-interest and anarchy.


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