Fire fighting news

Message from SCFPA:

We would like to inform all that Eden District Municipality has decided, in light of the recent increase of wild veld fires, to lighten the burden of fire suppression costs on the landowners, through the following methods:

1. Ferry of Eden Fire and Rescue services resources to the fire and back are FREE

2. The first hour on the fire line is FREE

3. After the first hour, the costs will be carried by the landowner (does not affect the free ferry back)

4. To SCFPA members: You will receive a 50% DISCOUNT on the fire suppression cost, should it go over 1 hour. The SCFPA Working on Fire teams are also FREE for the whole duration of a fire (food and transport excluded)

This strategy is to motivate landowners to phone the Eden Fire and Rescue services, as well as the SCFPA, to stop fires before they get out of control.

Eden fire line – 044 805 507

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