Conservation Intern

Dear Conservancy Members and Friends

Exciting News
We have a Conservation Intern starting work in the Conservancy from next week.

His name is Ruaan Barnard and he has been studying at the School of Conservation at NMMU in George.
If this year is a success, the Conservancy will host a new Intern each year going forward.
SUPPORT NEEDED: We need donations to covers his costs and salary for the year. See below:
The Conservancy Committee will be meeting him this weekend to plan projects and activities for the next 3- 6 months. Projects and activities will likely include the following:

  • Removing black wattle from the river banks – please let me know if you have black wattle on your property that you would us to remove. 
  • Facilitating a community vegetable garden with financial support from the Western Cape Dept of Agriculture
  • Outreach to the mission school to teach the children about conservation
  • Regular presence in the village and on the river to report on interesting findings or illegal activities
  • Skills audit and list of contact numbers for people in Skoolkop
  • Monthly report to the blog

If you have any ideas for projects or would like Ruaan to oversee some work for you, please email John Thorne.

BIG THANKS to the people who are supporting this initiative.

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